7 things you need to know about SPH Magazines’ Luxury Circle audience

As a publisher, it is always in our interest to know our audience so that we can keep them engaged with our content. However, one must admit that some audiences are harder to reach than others. SPH Magazines’ Luxury Circle – a network of 2.5 million affluent audience across Asia – is well established, but how much do we know about them? How do we gain access to these high-flying, jet-setting business leaders and socialites who are also infamously elusive?

To answer these questions, SPH Magazines commissioned GfK Singapore to conduct a study to profile our Luxury Circle online community, so that we can connect with them at a deeper level. The findings, compressed into bite-sized nuggets of information, were just too tantalising to keep to ourselves, so we figured we will share them with everyone.

Here are some sneak insights into the exclusive Luxury Circle audience – with our compliments!

sph-magazines-360-lux-circle (1)

And there you have it. The Luxury Circle. To see how you can reach the crème de la crème of society with the SPH Magazines Luxury Circle, please visit our page.


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