What #Facebookgate means for your brand


#Facebookgate may just be the largest scandal of 2018 so far. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or haven’t been on Facebook (lucky you), here’s what you missed:

1. 87 million Facebook users globally had their private information misused, most famously in USA’s 2016 Presidential Election, to influence voter choices
2. The issue, which started in USA, also affected 65,000 Singapore users
3. This data breach has caused many users to lose faith in Facebook’s commitment in keeping their data safe, spurring them to boycott and #deletefacebook.
4. Facebook share prices dropped 5% after the scandal was uncovered and advertisers paused spending on Facebook’s platform
5. In order to regain trust from users and advertisers, Facebook limited the usage of external data brokers

Facebook’s new development means that as a brand owner using Facebook to advertise, your brand messages may not reach as wide an audience, or that it may not reach as relevant an audience as you may have hoped.

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To maintain your brand presence on consumers’ minds, consider magazines. Magazines have long nurtured a personal relationship with their audience, and are a trusted source of information.

Why Magazines are a better bet

1. Their authority on content genres reaches various audience clusters; motorheads, fashionistas, fitness buffs, luxury mavens, just to name a few.
2. By forming audience networks with their owned media assets, magazines publishers are also able to offer brands scale of reach.
3. Proliferation of authoritative and quality content through multi-platform touchpoints such as Print, Online, Mobile, and also Events, maximises brand messaging and serves them to the greatest number of consumers.

For example, a brand might want to reach out to fashion-conscious women, and choose to advertise in Female, reaching 159,000 consumers. However, if that brand were to consider reaching out to health-conscious women and young mothers, they can consider advertising with SPH Magazines’ Women’s Network, reaching a total of 2.5 million consumers!

What’s Next

We are by no means suggesting a #FaceOff with the social media giant. Facebook and social media remains a vital component in many brands’ marketing strategy. However, maybe it is time for a review of your budget, and see how you can optimise your advertising so that you can achieve the best results.


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