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March 8, 2013
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Some say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I couldn’t agree more. My better half insists that an enjoyable evening constitutes walking through aisle after aisle of bags or clothing, regardless of whether there is actually something that needs buying. Needless to say, this particular definition doesn’t resonate particularly well with me (or any of my male friends for that matter). You see, shopping is a infinitely simpler three-step process for us Martians; Find item, Pay for said item and Head out for a beer. It is obvious then, that the shopping needs of men and women are vastly different.

Enter the Cosmo Beauty Club. To be honest, it was a bit of a challenge doing this write-up. For some particular elusive reason, our readers and advertisers alike seem to love the Beauty Club. Thankfully, after some research, the solution to this conundrum presented itself in the form of a study entitled “Men Buy, Women Shop”1, which was conducted by researchers at Wharton’s Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative and the Verde Group.


They key takeaway of the study is perhaps this : “women tend to be more invested in the shopping experience” as compared to their male counterparts. Armed with this not-so-tiny nugget of information, it was easier to understand why the Cosmo Beauty Club enjoyed such an immensely warm reception since it was started.


Created to connect readers with their favourite beauty brands through exclusive events, the Cosmo Beauty Club not only gives readers the chance to interact closely with the people behind the products they love, but also provides advertisers an opportunity to showcase new products, ahead of scheduled launches, to a select group of people who are genuinely interested in beauty.



“Men Buy, Women Shop” also asserts that women love engaging experiences with sales associates who know their products well and are adept at providing sound advice and making educated recommendations. To say that proper communication is vital in providing the average woman with a good shopping experience is definitely an understatement. Thanks to pre-event publicity, Cosmo Beauty Club members always know what to expect at events, leading to greater receptivity and ultimately, more opportunities for advertisers to conduct events for readers that have the potential to be deeply enriching and engaging for both parties.



The recently conducted IPSOS Magazine Study 2012 uncovered another quintessential piece of information. Samples and product reviews were found to be the things that held the greatest influence over purchases of cosmetics and beauty products. If anything, this proves that being able to try products out for themselves and hearing the others’ opinions, really do matter to the average PMEB. With its events centered around previewing the latest and greatest innovations in the cosmetics industry, it it no wonder that they are so popular amongst readers. In addition, the social aspect serves only to enhance the experience for readers, allowing them to share their impressions and opinions. Post event coverage in Cosmopolitan Singapore takes all of this further by generating buzz at the time of product launches.

While I can't say definitively that Cosmo Beauty Club events would appeal to all shoppers and readers, the evidence, statistical or otherwise, certainly consolidates into a compelling suit for the Cosmo Beauty Club. The multi-faceted nature of events seem to gel together to create a comprehensive and engaging platform for readers and advertisers alike.

To find out how the Cosmo Beauty Club can help you kickstart the launch of new products, boost your brand visibility and connect you with your consumers, contact Eileen Chia at


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