ICON BALL 2016: An evening of wonder and whimsy

Sylvester Ng
By : Sylvester Ng
April 19, 2016
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Extract of Sylvester Ng’s speech delivered on April 14th, 2016, during ICON BALL 2016 at  Shangri-la Singapore Ballroom.

Every year, one of the greatest challenges for our organising committee is to set a theme for the ICON ball.

Many readers have said they look forward to what our theme will be every year and are excited when they find out.


                   Sylvester Ng looking sharp in Dolce and Gabbana suit and Damiani Masterpiece brooch.

Sitting amongst you tonight are many guests who have been the inspiration and subject of our content. You have been a critical part in our creative process when we produce insightful stories and beautiful visual spreads. So very special thanks go out to you – our readers.

The painstaking process of putting together a story or a fashion spread is often not seen or understood. The ICON team – I am proud to say – keeps up their A game and constantly dreams up ideas, even if they are fantastical, whimsical or out of this world.

Taking a leaf from this, we decided “Whimsical” would be this year’s theme for the ball. We thought: Let us celebrate dreams, ideas, imagination, inspiration and all things beautiful – after all, there’s JOY in that.  And that’s what we hope you will have tonight.


Today, our story-telling process has taken many different shapes and forms, and via several platforms – online, video, social media, our digital edition and of course print. We also have enriching lifestyle experiences organized regularly for readers and feedback has been wonderful.

To our readers, thank you for being beautiful and a constant inspiration! To our advertising partners, thank you for the continuous support!

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About Sylvester Ng :

Sylvester is the Editor of ICON.

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