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Women’s Network Ad Rates

By : SPHmagazines | August 14, 2018

Last chance to secure our special rates! Contact Maggie now.   

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Brand-building for the Disloyal Customer

By : SPHmagazines | August 7, 2018

Welcome to the age of disloyal customer.   The advent of the internet and increased connectivity of consumers to goods and services have fragmented the shopping landscape. Consumers now have a reservoir of choices and alternatives to consider before making any purchase, and the freedom to purchase from a competitor should a shopping experience go […]

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SPH Magazines Tribal Summit 2018

By : SPHmagazines | July 27, 2018

We noticed a few new things popped up around our Level 8 office over the last few weeks. All these changes led up to our very first townhall meeting by our CEO on Jul 26, 2018.    The inaugural TRIBAL SUMMIT kicked off with the best thing there were – drinks!  Our friends from Pernod Ricard set up […]

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Men's Health Singapore
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Men’s Health Locker 2018

By : Men's Health Singapore | July 17, 2018

Contact Maggie to secure your locker space now!

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Torque On The Move 2018

By : Torque | July 16, 2018

Limited slots left for official sponsors and partners so book your place now!  

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ICON August’18 Specials

By : ICON | June 27, 2018

  Contact Maggie to secure the bookings! 

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Hafizah Hazahal

Video Habits of Millennials in Singapore [Infographic]

By : Hafizah Hazahal | June 25, 2018

  Download the full results

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#HWZtechmeup: HWZ Video Package

By : HardwareZone.com | June 25, 2018

   Check out some of the videos we created for this series!     Don’t miss this chance to get your own branded video with media exposure. Secure your bookings by writing to magadpromo@sph.com.sg now!

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The Finder
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The Finder’s 2018 Expatpreneur Awards

By : The Finder | June 22, 2018

Twenty-five years ago, two industrious expatriates found themselves on Singapore’s shores – and immediately searched for recommendations on where to live, send their kids to school and shop; how to find new friends; and who were the best doctors and hairdressers around. But, back then, there was no one trusted source. (Remember, this was 1993 […]

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Hafizah Hazahal
Industry Talk | Research |

SPH Magazines builds a viable digital ecosystem for the entire value chain

By : Hafizah Hazahal | June 19, 2018

Though initially uncomfortable, alliances between publishers have become common around the world today. They range from localized co-ops such as DELTA in Japan and Gravity in France, to regional and global partnerships such as Symmachia and Pangaea respectively. These alliances help to aggregate publishers’ scale of reach and targeting capabilities, thus allowing advertisers to benefit […]

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