Sylvester Ng
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ICON Ball 2017 – Evening in Paradise

By : Sylvester Ng | April 21, 2017

Extract of Sylvester Ng’s speech delivered on April 20 th, 2017, during ICON BALL 2017 at Shangri-la Singapore Ballroom. It’s wonderful to see everyone dressed fittingly to the theme. You have truly transformed Shangria’s Island Ballroom into an “Evening in Paradise”.   ICON editor Sylvester Ng looking sharp in Gucci   As with every year, […]

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Kelvin Tan
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Urban Warriors United

By : Kelvin Tan | April 20, 2017

This year’s edition of the Men’s Health Urbanathlon was the toughest ever –but Singaporean runners rose to the challenge. #RunDifferent, the theme of this eighth Urbanathlon, broke free of the common obstacle-racing format with free-form running to four mega Obstacle Zones: Vertical Heights, a vertical run up 37 storeys of Singapore’s tallest building –Tanjong Pagar […]

Claire Starkey
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It’s getting hot in here…

By : Claire Starkey | April 17, 2017

April is when the CLEO team has a sudden spike in popularity. Out of nowhere, there are all kinds of people wanting to befriend us, volunteering free manual labour and, occasionally, offering to bring us cake.   Is it our good looks? Our great senses of humour? Well, while I can certainly see why you […]

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Ivan Tan
Industry Talk | Research

A publisher’s take on the digital “exodus”

By : Ivan Tan | April 5, 2017

Is having more always better? Not necessarily, if you are planning a digital advertising campaign. In order to reach a wider audience, advertisers ceded control of their brand over to major digital advertising players such as Google and Facebook. The unchecked hunger for eyeballs in the digital space has jeopardized advertisers’ reputation as brand messages […]

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Zarelda Marie Goh
Industry Talk

Shape’s first social media competition was a success!

By : Zarelda Marie Goh | March 31, 2017

As being health-obsessed is now trendier than ever, the power of fitness influencers has exploded. Social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have enabled them to positively impact women from the world over.   Many influencers have also become household names in their own right. However, at Shape, we realised that there are […]

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Young Lim
Industry Talk

The road ahead for design

By : Young Lim | March 31, 2017

It’s been an exciting time for the design community in Singapore. While the annual Singapore Design Week drew to a close a few weeks ago, local designers here are eagerly looking forward to the start of the widely anticipated Salone del Mobile Milano, or more commonly referred to as the Milan furniture fair. This fair […]

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David Ting
Industry Talk

I’m burning up the highway

By : David Ting | March 29, 2017

Since it’s the month of the annual Qing Ming festival in Singapore, I shall “torque” about Seventh Month motorcars meant to be burnt as tributes to our deceased ancestors and dear departed.   Made of cardboard, paper and cellophane, and probably made in Malaysia, each of these combustible vehicles is designed for the dead living […]

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Ivan Tan
Industry Talk | Research

How to turn your brand into a Premium brand? (Hint: without starting from ground zero)

By : Ivan Tan | March 28, 2017

Despite the sluggish performance of the economy, the premium product category – goods that cost at least 20% more than the average price in the category – is consistently growing, and consumers have been paying more attention to premium products. According to Nielsen, sales in the Southeast Asian premium market grew 21% over 2 years, […]

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SPH Magazines 360
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The Peak’s German Special

By : SPH Magazines 360 | March 21, 2017

German companies have always been at the forefront of innovation, technology, design, research & science. Whether it be in automotive, aerospace, banking, watches, healthcare, logistics, or consumer products, German excellence pervades our lives in many ways, making living in the 21st century all that more convenient, functional, and sustainable.   Our exclusive GERMAN SPECIAL in […]

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SPH Magazines 360
Ad Packages

GSS Buying Guide 2017

By : SPH Magazines 360 | March 21, 2017

For $9,688, you can reach 994,000 women! First introduced in 2013, our GSS packages over the years were popular with our advertisers who took them up as they reported brisk sales and increased market awareness. We are back with GSS 2017 – bigger, better and giving you more bang for your buck. Contact Maggie now […]

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