Customer Service (Magazine Subscription)


More information on print subscription of magazine.

1. How do I qualify for this promotion?
All new home subscribers will be eligible.

2. What are the Terms & Conditions?
    –   Eligible for the new home subscription for a minimum of 12 months.
    –   An administrative fee of $100 will be imposed for early cancellation.
    –   Subscription rate and delivery fee are subjected to change without prior notice.

3. What do I need to know about local delivery?

Information Magazine Subscription
Commencement of publication Allow 6 – 8 weeks upon subscription.
Mode of delivery Magazine will be posted to your mailing address 2 -3 days after newsstand’s release.
Delivery fee Not applicable.

More information on my subscription.

4a. How do I know if my online magazine subscription is successful?

      You will receive an email acknowledgment once your online payment has been processed.

4b. How do I know the commencement date for my magazine subscription?
You will receive our acknowledgment letter via post within 1 week from your online sign-up.

4c. Will I receive any reminder letter nearing the expiry date of my magazine subscription?
You will receive our renewal letter via post, 6 weeks before your subscription expires.

4d. What happens if I need to change my delivery address?
If you already have a magazine subscription but have since changed your address, please leave your particulars in our Customer Service form. If you need assistance on a Newspaper subscription, please visit this page instead. 

More information on my free gift.

5a. How do I know the redemption process for my free gift if I am entitled to it?
You will receive our gift redemption letter via post within 3 weeks from your online sign-up.

5b. Can I change my free gift after the confirmation of my online subscription?
        No, you will not be able to change your free gift.

5c. What happens if the free gift that I have chosen is out of stock?
Choice of the gift is available while stocks only. SPH reserves the right to substitute that with any product of similar value at its discretion.