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Luxury Circle    
ICON Editor Sylvester Ng
ICON Moments Editor Sylvester Ng
The Peak Editor Jennifer Chen
The Peak Selections Timepieces Editor Jennifer Chen
Action Asia Editor-In-Chief Steve White
AsiaSpa Editor-In-Chief Vivienne Tang
Women’s Network    
CLEO Singapore Editor-In-Chief Tara Barker
Female Editor Noelle Loh
Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Editor-In-Chief Kenneth Goh
Her World Group Editor Dhylan Boey
Her World Brides/ LUXE Group Editor Caroline Ngui
HerWorld.com Group Editor Dhylan Boey
Home & Decor Editor Young Lim Jamyang Tashi
Nuyou Editor Terence Lee
Shape Associate Editor Estelle Low
The Finder Editor Sara Lyle Bow
The Singapore Women’s Weekly Editor-In-Chief Barbara Koh
Young Parents Editor Stephanie Yeo
Young Parents Preschool Guide Editor Stephanie Yeo
Men’s Network    
GameAxis.com Editor-in-Chief Vijay Anand
HardWareMag Editor Zachary Chan
HardwareZone.com Editor-in-Chief Vijay Anand
Men’s Health Singapore Editor Kelvin Tan
Torque Associate Editor Jeremy Chua