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It’s Sad When Organizations Misuse Social Media

By : SPH Magazines 360 | May 12, 2010

Everyday, I’m bombarded with all sorts of requests in Facebook – from helping friends fertilize their crops in Farmville to joining other users in a cause to save mother Earth. These are all fine and good. But when an organization begins to misuse social media and mislead users into deceptive marketing tactics, I get upset.

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Jereme Wong
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Rising Significance Of Mother’s Day

By : Jereme Wong | May 10, 2010

In a recent survey done by National Retail Federation (NRF), consumer spending for Mother's Day is second only to the winter holiday gift-giving season in the US. Looking at search data closer to home, it seems that searches for 'Mother's Day' is peaking at all time high, growing as much as 300% compared to last year. […]

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My biceps are bigger than yours

By : SPH Magazines 360 | May 8, 2010

My friend hails from an elite unit in the army. And recently at his wedding, he had a couple of tables full of his (raucous) army mates. Hey, I'm all for painting the town red on your wedding day, but I just got turned off when they kept mouthing the name of said elite unit […]

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I’m getting fat…

By : SPH Magazines 360 | May 8, 2010

I reach down, pinch my belly, and sigh. The roll of fat is noticeably bigger. It creeps onto you like a vicious, unseen and unstoppable monstrosity. Worryingly, your metabolism noticably plummets at the big 3-0 so you can literally feel that extra paunch-layer slipping on after a big burger and fries meal – nearly instantly, […]

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