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Singapore is well-acknowledged as a playground of the super-rich. A small country with the highest density of millionaires in the world, affluent Singaporeans pursue a myriad of fanciful frolics in their leisure.

  • They own 3-4 luxury watches worth more than $15,000 apiece
  • Men chalk up $16,209 on their credit cards in an average month, while women spend $14,151.
  • Our stylish male readers spent $33,856 in the past 6 months on Fashion, and their female counterparts spent even more at $34,975.

To luxury advertisers seeking to better understand their consumers, SPH Magazines Research presents a typological sketch of these High Net Worth Individuals' (HNWIs) affluent lifestyles. Based on Nielsen’s survey of readers of our luxury publications, The Peak and ICON, 6 personas of luxury consumers in Singapore emerge -

Who are these 6 types of luxury consumers, what are their priorities in life, and what different lifestyles do they lead?

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The Luxury Report 2012 is part of SPH Magazines Insight Series on decoding luxury consumers in Singapore. In our previous luxury research report, The Luxe Report 2011: Insights into affluent lifestyles in Singapore,we elaborated on the wealth profile and ownership of the affluent in Singapore. Find out more and download the report here.

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