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Always Toyota is distributed to the most recent Toyota owners, typically those who bought a Toyota in the last one to three years. An EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer) version is sent to about 26,000 customers who bought cars more than three years earlier. There is also an e-zine version available on the Toyota Singapore website. The quarterly publication carries a mix of Toyota-related and lifestyle content. Get the latest updates on Toyota news – both local and global – and the new models launched. Read insightful car reviews as well as interviews with the engineers and designers involved in the making of new models. Always Toyota will feature an Inside Toyota section, which includes an aftersales services, deals and car-care tips. Apart from Toyota-related content, readers can also look forward to lifestyle features such as driving destinations and gadget reviews.

Some Always Toyota pages

Always Toyota Magazine

Always Toyota, published by Borneo Motors Singapore, goes out to car owners who want the latest information about the brand's new models as well as lifestyle content tailored to their tastes and preferences.

  • The quarterly publication covers lifestyle features such as driving destinations and gadget reviews, as well as Toyota news, car reviews and launches.
  • Always Toyota – which has a circulation of 10,000 and is also available in e-zine format on the Toyota website – features an Inside Toyota section that comprises aftersales services, deals and car-care tips.

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