ICON Moments

ICON Moments is the first Chinese publication to luxury watches and jewellery, targeted at the bilingual elite in Singapore and Malaysia. ICON MOMENTS is a brand extension of ICON, the leading luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine that epitomizes style, affluence and prestige in Singapore and beyond.

ICON Moments Magazine

ICON Moments features the very best from pre-eminent manufacturers in the worlds of horology and fine jewels, celebrating its heritage and tradition. Its inspirational spreads and insightful articles provide a visual feast for the affluent with a refined taste - the connoisseur’s guide to the most extravagant timepieces and jewellery for the bilingual net-worth collectors in Singapore and Malaysia.

ICON Moments won the Silver Award for Best in Magazine Cover category in the IFRA Asia Media Awards 2007 and Excellence Award in Design and Layout category in the Asian Publishing Awards 2008. Most recently, ICON Moments won a Bronze Award in the Watch Magazine of the Year category of the MPAS Awards 2010. Most recently, ICON Moments won the Excellence Award for Best Use of Design, Layout & Presentation in the Asian Publishing Awards 2013.

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