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SILVERKRIS is about travel inspirations and aspirations; it is about journeys, travel insights, news, stunning images and modern design, all coming together to celebrate the amazing world we live in. SILVERKRIS is about satisfying the demands of an increasingly well-travelled global readership.

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SilverKris Magazine

SilverKris as the inflight travel magazine of Singapore Airlines offers a premium read for passengers on all its flights.

  • Its content covers a gamut of travel-centric topics, ranging from profiles of world-class travellers to experiential journeys to quick ways to get insights into a city, to stunning images of some of the world's most beautiful places.
  • It has a captive readership of 1.6million. These are discerning passengers who choose to fly on Singapore Airlines, a carrier which has been consistently voted one of the best airlines in the world in global polls and surveys.
  • SilverKris engages accomplished writers and photographers who, based in the places they are assigned to write/photograph, are able to provide a keen insider's view. Their excellent writing/photography skills bring to the fore the strengths of each destination and make for compelling reading.
  • SilverKris has been recognised with multiple editorial and design awards including, in recent times, Grand Award for Design & Illustration – Infographics (APEX Awards 2016 for Publication Excellence); Silver Award in iPad and Tablet Apps, SilverKris Tablet (International Corporate Media Award 2015); Gold Award for Best Print Magazine, Editorial (The Content Council Pearl Awards 2015); Gold Award for Best Feature on Asian Travel (Asian Publishing Awards 2014).

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Digital Tablet

The SilverKris app offers an engaging experience that complements the print and online edition. The free app – accessible on tablet and mobile - allows users to tap, swipe and scroll through interactive articles, zoom in to view beautiful images up close, and get more information about a destination through the embedded links. Additional content such as videos and photo galleries also bring the fascinating world of travel to life. The SilverKris app allows users to access the magazine anytime, anywhere, and be inspired to plan their next vacation on the go.

Website is the website of SilverKris, the award-winning travel magazine of Singapore Airlines. The website features fresh international travel lifestyle content, including in-depth articles on fascinating destinations, stunning photographic essays that offer a new perspective on the world, interviews with globetrotting personalities, as well as insider travel tips.

Content is updated daily, and includes Singapore Airlines-related information on new products and launches, stories on cabin crew and their travel experiences, travel-related products and services, the trendiest restaurants and gastronomic delights as well as the most unique new hotels among other useful destination content.

Whether it’s the veteran traveller planning the trip of a lifetime, the savvy jetsetter seeking a new experience, or the daytripper looking for some quick travel tips, offers the inspiration and ideas to help them make the most of their journeys wherever they may be.

The website continues to engage readers with User Generated Content in the form of a community of SilverKris Explorers. Explorers are able to instantly post their travel experiences online, follow fellow Explorers and stand a chance to have their photos published in the print edition.

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