Singapore Health

Singapore’s 1st National Bilingual Health Newspaper

Singapore Health is the official publication of Singapore General Hospital and SingHealth Group, the largest healthcare group in Singapore. Published bi-monthly in a handy tabloid size, the newspaper aims to raise the health literacy level of Singaporeans. Singapore Health is available at Singapore General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Changi General Hospital, national speciality centres and selected polyclinics under the SingHealth umbrella, as well as high traffic points within the CBD area. Singapore Health ensures you get your message across to your target audience!

Some Singapore Health pages

Singapore Health Magazine

Singapore Health, a bimonthly publication of the Singapore General Hospital and the SingHealth Group, arms readers with health information so they can better take charge of their health.

  • Singapore Health carries reports on the latest medical breakthroughs, health advice, human-interest stories on patients, medical professionals and healthcare workers, as well as features on nutrition and wellness.
  • With a wide circulation of 50,000, Singapore Health is available at three hospitals, five national specialist centres and selected polyclinics under the SingHealth group, and is also distributed at key high-traffic points in the CBD.
Singapore Health has picked up several awards for its insightful editorial:
  • APEX Awards 2013: Award of Excellence for Magapapers & Newspapers Custom-Published, Jul-Aug 2012
  • Content Marketing Awards 2013: Bronze Award for Best Overall Editorial, Jul-Aug 2012
  • Silver, Best Overall Editorial (Magnum Opus Awards 2012).
  • Silver, Best Overall Editorial (Magnum Opus Awards 2011).
  • Gold, Best Editorial, New Publication (Magnum Opus Awards 2010).
  • Award of Excellence, Custom-published Magapapers & Newspapers (APEX Awards 2011).

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