Sunset In The City: Nikon Singapore appoints noisycrayons to woo the romantic shutterbug in you

September 3, 2012



Singapore, 1 September 2012 – Renew your appreciation for the iconic landmarks of Singapore with Sunset in the City, Nikon Singapore's latest social media engagement initiative to engage photography enthusiasts who enjoy capturing the beauty of their world through their camera lenses. 

The social media initiative is conceptualised and deployed by digital creative agencynoisycrayons, and rallies avid photography lovers to embark on creating original shots that capture the quintessential beauty of an iconic Singaporean landmark, with a little help from their friends. Via a contest application on Nikon Singapore's Facebook Page, each fan generates a quest that consists of 3 photography tasks that are to be completed as a team. 

The campaign is designed to add a social element to photography by encouraging participants to help each other out in their quests and compare notes about what makes a landmark in the Singaporean cityscape breathtakingly unique. 

Stefan Lim, CEO and creative Lead of noisycrayons, explained, "We thought we had enough of run-of-the-mill photo contests on Facebook. So we conceptualised 'Sunset In The City' – a truly social photography competition that requires teams of 3 to submit photos of sunset in beautiful Singapore via a highly intuitive contest app on facebook." 

"What's photography without our party of friends and kakis? Photography, in our minds, is about friends coming together to create beautiful pictures that will form an important part of our collective memories.", he said. 


The initiative is expected to reach more than 2 million avid shutterbugs in Singapore. It is also designed to raise awareness of Nikon's professional-grade cameras and photography kits as well as increase interest in how Nikon's products can help capture the beauty of the world as seen through the eyes of a lensman. 


Singapore-based SPH affiliate, noisycrayons, is also managing Nikon Singapore's ongoing communication and engagement efforts on social media. 


Co. Regn No.: 201132994D

This campaign is conceptualised and implemented by noisycrayons, a digital creative agency based in Singapore.

About noisycrayons

noisycrayons is a leading digital-creative company in Asia that helps brands build meaningful digital relationships with consumers.

We create experiences, content and internet applications that help brands deepen engagement with their target audiences. The intimate relationship we cultivate between brand and consumer drives brand advocacy and facilitates word-of-mouth recommendations among friends in the social network.

noisycrayons is a Kyosei Ventures Company that has a growing clientele comprising of both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. It has successfully worked with brands such as Singapore Flyer, Paradise Group, Maybank Singapore, 313 @ Somerset, HTC Singapore, Nikon Singapore, Les Affaires, Jean Yip Group, NEA, Toshiba, Pandora, Bella, Svenson and Marie France.

For more information, please contact:

Gloria Lee
DID: (65) 6571-7172
Stefan Lim
DID: (65) 6571-7189

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