Ivan Tan
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A publisher’s take on the digital “exodus”

By : Ivan Tan | April 5, 2017

Is having more always better? Not necessarily, if you are planning a digital advertising campaign. In order to reach a wider audience, advertisers ceded control of their brand over to major digital advertising players such as Google and Facebook. The unchecked hunger for eyeballs in the digital space has jeopardized advertisers’ reputation as brand messages […]

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Ivan Tan
Industry Talk | Research

How to turn your brand into a Premium brand? (Hint: without starting from ground zero)

By : Ivan Tan | March 28, 2017

Despite the sluggish performance of the economy, the premium product category – goods that cost at least 20% more than the average price in the category – is consistently growing, and consumers have been paying more attention to premium products. According to Nielsen, sales in the Southeast Asian premium market grew 21% over 2 years, […]

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Hafizah Hazahal
Industry Talk | Research

Magazine media has run its course with the fashion industry…Not!

By : Hafizah Hazahal | March 7, 2017

(This article was first published on INMA on 26th February 2017) Rapid innovations in technology have altered consumers’ expectations. With information readily available on demand, no longer are they willing to wait; what they see they want immediately. While consumers of the past are able to patiently wait for magazines’ coverage of collections months after […]

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Hafizah Hazahal
Industry Talk | Research

Adspend forecast for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan

By : Hafizah Hazahal | March 1, 2017

Last month, we attended eMarketer and IAB’s sharing session on their inaugural Adspend Report for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here are the key points for marketers to note: Due to differing internet and smartphone penetration rates, digital advertising growth rates vary significantly across the region. In terms of digital’s share of total media […]

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Ivan Tan
Industry Talk | Research

Are magazines the solution to luxury marketing’s digital conundrum?

By : Ivan Tan | December 21, 2016

(This article was first published on INMA on 30th November 2016) According to Zenith Optimedia’s Luxury Advertising Expenditure Forecast, digital is set to take centre stage in the luxury advertising arena, contributing to most of the growth in this sector. By 2017, digital will be the largest contributor to luxury advertising ad spend, overtaking television […]

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