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July 31, 2019
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Author and marketing guru Seth Godin once famously said “Everyone is not your customer.” And marketers are wising up to this more and more today.


Think about it – if all marketers think of everyone as their customer, the customer will get inundated with so many commercial messages and start to turn a blind eye (hello, banner blindness!). Sure, marketers get their massive reach numbers, but won’t have much returns to show for their investments in media.


On the other hand, by showing their messages to people who are more likely to be interested, marketers will get more click-throughs, leading to a higher probability of conversions.


Audience targeting using data is now a top priority for more than half of marketers surveyed by Econsultancy for its 2019 Digital Trends Report.


Source: Econsultancy


However, as marketers embark on greater use of consumer data, they are beginning to realise the challenges of bringing together data points and tracking media effectiveness across different marketing channels. The same study by eConsultancy revealed that marketers are befuddled by the challenge of pulling together data points across different touchpoints to come up with a cohesive and coherent understanding of their consumer.


Source: Econsultancy


Being one of the most prolific producers of lifestyle content in Singapore and the region and with a portfolio spanning 15 market-leading magazine titles across platforms, we appreciated and understood such pains first-hand.


To plug into this growing necessity and eliminate the guesswork, we have launched our audience targeting capability utilising first-party behavioural data from across SPH Magazines’ portfolio of digital editions and websites. We also partner with leading data providers to augment with more data on audience interests and demographics, to deliver more precise targeting. 


Marketers can choose from 8 pre-packaged popular audience segments or customise their target segment. Beyond targeting, we will also actively monitor and manage the media mix throughout the campaign period to optimise its performance. 


Talk to us at to find out how your brand can benefit from this solution.

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