The Devil is in the Details (Part Three)

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October 15, 2010
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The hunt for props to spin visual stories with.

Every timepiece and jewellery in our 52-page mega spread was closely studied and key elements then carefully picked to highlight their special features and heritage. Sometimes, you never know how much difference a few thoughtfully chosen props can make to a visual story. As we found out in the following three!

Orient Express

We wanted our set at an old railway station to recall a time of old-world glamour. And upon the arrival of the vintage made-to-measure luggage on loan from Louis Vuitton, a brand synonymous with the art of travel since 1854, everything fell into place. They were immediately evocative of the mystique and romance of rail travel, when people dressed up to the nines for a ride on the magnificent steam-powered locomotive.

DIY Workshop

In the “Open Secret” spread, the brass patina doors, rusty Tiffany-blue lock and traditional ledge were all sourced from separate venues and later assembled at our little atelier. They set a contrasting tone to the diamond-crusted Key pendants, which were inspired and crafted to resemble old keys to the Tiffany & Co. Archives.

Highly Decorated

The Rolex Explorer II has intimate relationships with numerous high achievers and what more than to showcase it with badges of honour in our “Aces High” spread? We sourced hard for vintage badges and finally got in touch with a retired navy officer who collects military medals and decorations. Among his prized collections were some that dated back to the Soviet days of the 1870s!





Devil is in the details is the third in a four-part series on the making of Icon Moments 2010/2011, which will be launched on 19 Oct 2010. Next up – we're launching! The only thing missing now is the story behind our cover. And then you'll understand why we say we scored a coup this issue. 

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