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SilverKris’ Digital Editor Olivia Lim shares the birthing pains – and joys – of the recently revamped

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How many ways can you write “click here”?

This was just one of the questions that crossed my mind, late one night in the office. It was a few days before the scheduled launch of the revamped website of SilverKris, Singapore Airlines’ inflight travel magazine. The attention to detail that was needed felt almost superhuman. I wished I had two more pairs of eyes and another pair of hands.

For the working team, enhancing the website with an interactive component –one where our readers could post their own travel experiences and be part of the SilverKris Explorers online community – was a long and meticulous process.

The team and I pored over travel magazines, websites, blogs and forums, trying to nail down that magic ingredient that would keep the readers coming back for more. We spoke to avid traveller friends and shamelessly picked their brains. Sure, the motivations behind travel have not changed – a perpetual thirst for adventure, the taste for excitement, and of course, the thrill of the new and unfamiliar. But the way readers get their information these days has evolved – they don’t just want to read, they want to be inspired by other travellers.

It was with this in mind that we crafted, and are still crafting, the content for our new site. We plug into the talking points on social media, read reviews on travel sites, peruse the beautiful travel photos that travellers post, and try to figure out what makes them tick.

And so we launched the new site on July 1, together with the Eat, Play Love contest. In the first round, EAT + Travel which is on till August 20, readers can share their food-themed travel pictures for a chance to win tablets. At the end of three rounds*, they stand to win a pair of Singapore Airlines tickets to Bali or Hong Kong.

It was a real thrill to see readers sign up as SilverKris Explorers and post their travel photos and stories. And instantly gratifying to see the community growing, all united in their love for travel.

I embrace all things digital; the speed at which the online world moves motivates me to pick up my heels and keep up. It excites me how we can be reading about a trend in the morning, quickly put together a story, and post it online after lunch. I definitely want to be along for the ride.

So, is it to be “click here”, “read more” or “find out more”? Visit and check it out for yourself…

*Stay tuned to for PLAY + Travel (adventure and activities theme) from September 1-October 20 and LOVE + Travel (romance and celebrations theme) from November 1-December 20. 

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