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By Olivia Lim, Digital Editor – SilverKris.

photoDigital Editor Olivia Lim feels privileged by the website’s recent win at the Content Council’s Pearl Awards.

“Olivia, we got Bronze in Best Overall Web Design for at the Pearl Awards. Yay!”

I received the text message from my editor one sunny morning, as I was strolling down the main street in Ginza, Tokyo’s upscale shopping district. I was on vacation, away from work for the longest time in a long time.

“Woohoo!”, I replied, extremely pleased that our “baby” – a result of months upon months of hard work and teething pains, and the reason I hadn’t been away in a long time – was finally being recognised. The revamped website had been launched a few months ago in July this year.

As part of the SilverKris, Singapore Airlines’ travel magazine, team, I had been on the receiving end of good news several times – the magazine in print had garnered many awards over the years. Although very proud and happy for my talented and hardworking teammates each time we heard such news, I couldn’t help but wonder when our website would start receiving similar accolades.

When we were working on the look and feel for the new, we knew it had to be all about the visuals – nothing inspires wanderlust more than stunning images of faraway landscapes, intriguing structures and indigenous lifestyles. While we set out to curate the best images we could find to enhance our content, we realised along the way that the best source of these would be our readers.

With SilverKris Explorers, the website’s section for user generated content, our readers surprised us with their creative takes on the world around them – whether taken with their phone cameras or sophisticated DSLRs, they shared beautiful images of their travel experiences. Thrills and spills, scenes of solitude, gourmet adventures, heartwarming moments, hilarious scenarios – they were all posted on the website and created a diverse, multi-layered mosaic of what travel means to different people. And this is exactly what we had hoped to achieve.



It may be a Bronze award, but it’s no mean feat – it’s the only inflight magazine in the Best Overall Web Design category. So, I think we can give ourselves a little pat on the back.

Join us as a SilverKris Explorer at and be a part of our online travel community today!


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