“We Should all be Feminists” is at the Heart of Harper’s BAZAAR’s March Issue

Christy Turlington Burns looks at you from the cover of our March 2017 issue. Her hair is slicked back, all the better to show off a face that has been touted as being the most perfect in the world (so much so that the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute once cast her face for 120 of its mannequins in the ’90s). Of course, she has a few more lines in her face now than when she appeared in George Michael’s music video for “Freedom”. But what youthful visage she has lost has been replaced with a knowing confidence and quiet strength that makes her even more beautiful (if that were possible) for it.


Yet, for all that beauty, it isn’t why we’re proud to have her as the cover star of our March issue. She’s inspiring: The entrepreneurial supermodel-turned-philanthropist founded Every Mother Counts, an NGO that aims to save women’s lives through safer pregnancies and childbirth. She’s wise: She sought financial independence even before the start of her career so that she could focus on doing what she truly wanted to do. And she’s a fierce feminist—without any of the hang-ups or controversies that usually accompany this particular “f” word. She’s a wonderful human being all round and we couldn’t have found a better woman to front an issue dedicated to the celebration of women, and female strength and sensibilities. 


She’s not the only woman in the March spotlight, too.


In an Asian exclusive, Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Goh spoke to Maria Grazia Chuiri and delved into the thought process that saw Dior’s Artistic Director emblazon the words “We Should all be Feminists” on a t-shirt that has since raked in much publicity—and respect—for the brand. (The words reference an essay and TED talk by Nigerian novelist and nonfiction writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. If you haven’t seen the talk, you should. It’s funny, enlightening and takes a lighthearted, yet no less astute, approach to a subject that tends to evoke heated arguments and intense emotions.)



Then, there’s a think-piece by Sub Editor Annabelle Fernandez that throws the spotlight on female fashion designers and the empowerment that comes with dressing for no one else but the pleasure of oneself (fanny packs included, if you happen to swing that way). And ex-editor of a women’s magazine Sharon Lim pens her candid thoughts on how Tinder has changed the dating game for women and men: Why wait for a guy to make the first move when you can just swipe right? 


All this in addition to what Harper’s BAZAAR does best: Presenting women with the latest fashion options, trends and news (including a 42-page report on what brands are offering this spring/summer by Associate Fashion News Editor, Gerald Tan) that allow women a physical manifestation of her strength and intelligence. 


We work hard to ensure every aspect of the BAZAAR universe provides women with all the information they needs to make an informed and inspired decision on fashion and life in general—from the live video reportage of the world’s biggest fashion weeks, and real-time insider peeks into some of the most prestigious events happening around the globe on our website, Facebook and Instagram feeds, to the exclusive exposés, features and expert reports found in our magazine. Because it’s as Turlington Burns and Chuiri say in their interviews: Being a woman today is all about striving for equal opportunities and fighting for the ability to be the best person you can possibly be. And that’s what we strive for every day: To enable women to do just that with every word and image in our publications, be it in print or digital. 


Welcome to our March issue and enjoy the ride.

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