What SPH Magazines can do for digital brands: ZUJI showcase

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April 27, 2017
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In this series, we will be showcasing case studies of digital brands that have advertised with us. Despite being digital pure-plays, what makes them turn to a media owner, especially one whose legacy is of traditional media, to market their brand messages?


In the case of ZUJI, an online travel agent, there were multiple overlapping promotions in the same period of time. Hence, they needed a media partner who is able to excite potential consumers with the promotions, and also simplify the promotion mechanics through the creatives. Beyond promotions, they also wanted to build a relationship with potential consumers through content.

SPH Magazines allows them to fulfil all of the above goals.

Firstly, given the 50 over years of relationship with our readers, we know them well and the types of content and delivery formats that resonate with them. This ensures that the ads do not fall into the trap of ‘banner blindness’.

Secondly, we enable ZUJI to scale their reach of highly-engaged audiences by deploying the ads across SPH Magazines’ network of print, websites and digital editions, aggregating a reach of 4.7 million consumers anytime, anywhere.

Last but not least, as these ads appear alongside our award-winning and safe content, ZUJI is able to further build their brand reputation in consumers’ minds.

Through deep understanding of our audiences and the strength of our platforms and creatives, the campaign was able to deliver a clickthrough rate that is four times the industry average.

Scroll through the case study below to find out more.

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