What SPH Magazines can do for digital brands: Qoo10 showcase

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April 27, 2017
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In this series, we will be showcasing case studies of digital brands that have advertised with us. Despite being digital pure-plays, what makes them turn to a media owner, especially one whose legacy is of traditional media, to market their brand messages?


Despite being Asia’s leading online marketplace with massive reach, Qoo10 turned to SPH Magazines to bring its product offerings to a discerning audience with a high propensity to purchase. SPH Magazines has just the audience that Qoo10 is looking for, on our award-winning tech site HardwareZone.com (HWZ).

The HWZ audience is highly engaged in forum discussions across tech-related and other lifestyle topics. Majority holds a PMEB (professionals, managers, executives or business owners) position with good purchasing power. Leveraging on this premium audience, dynamic widgets featuring Qoo10 products related to specific forum topics were placed at the top of forum pages. Other display units were placed elsewhere in the site to maximize visibility.

This targeted advertising in a user-generated content environment enabled Qoo10 to reach highly-engaged premium audience at scale. Scroll through the case study below to find out more.

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