Expression of Time 新表情

By Wong Yen Leng, Project Editor – Nuyou Time

Translated by: Terence Lee

English edit: Lee Kyll Synn

The world of watches = dull, old school, stagnant.

That’s a misconception people often have – I used to be one of them.

I’ll be the first to admit that patience isn’t one of my virtues. I embrace change. And I accelerate to keep up with the fast-moving world of technology today. After all, we risk becoming irrelevant if we don’t keep up with the times. So we go faster and faster with each passing day, and the breakneck pace wears us out.

Two years ago, a stroke of serendipity led me to take on the role of project editor for Nuyou Time. Before that, if anyone had told me that I would be addicted to the world of watches, I would have scoffed. But sometimes, you need to have a deeper understanding of something before you can look at it in a more objective and professional way.

Now, each time I put a watch on my wrist, my feelings stir. Each time I admire the level of detail and intricacy that professionals and craftsmen inject into every timepiece, it takes my breath away. It would take a heart of stone to not be moved. And this appreciation of the world of watches has made me take a slower pace in life, taking time to admire time.

Mechanically driven timepieces = cold and emotionless?

I beg to differ.

nuyou_180714_watches61187Instead of simply analysing each watch’s mechanical specialities, I’d like to think that every timepiece brims with emotions. From your first expensive investment watch as a reward for your hard work, to that love-at-first-sight horological wonder or the timepiece you inherited from your grandparent or parent… Every watch collector’s story is filled with love, emotions and cherished memories.

That is why since its launch 13 years ago, Nuyou Time has never viewed each watch as just a mechanical machine. We believe that each timepiece not only represents a legacy, but also symbolises emotions, feelings, and even a connection between people. We use time and timepieces to record the stories that touch your heart.

In our Stars Issue this year, we invited personalities from different industries to share what significant timepieces and the concept of time mean to them. We asked five celebrities to reveal a piece of their most unforgettable childhood memory. In Grasping Time II, our photographer zoomed in on the hands of celebrities and personalities holding one of their most treasured timepieces. And they shared with us moving stories of how they became who they are today.

We use time to narrate and record life’s priceless moments and beauty.























我们认为:精表除了是一种传承,更是情绪、感觉,甚至是人与人之间的桥梁。或许更贴切地说,我们用精表和时间,描述、勾画出你我身边最熟悉的故事。像今年的《Stars Issue》主题,我们就邀请各行各业的“星星们”回归根本,分享精表、时间对他们生活的意义。

在《重.绎》的故事中,五位艺人名人分享着小时候那段最美的时间回忆。《Grasping Time II》的名人们更是戴着对其最意义深刻的腕表,述说着如何用双手创造出努力。





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