The Making of Nanyou’s Special Cover《男友》的特制封面与吴尊

By : 女友
October 27, 2014
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By Ng Ho Ton, Project Editor – Nanyou

Translated by: Terence Lee

English edit: Lee Kyll Synn


We’re calling the Fall/Winter edition of Nanyou our “rebirth issue”. In other words, it’s our revamp issue.

I’ve already shared a few reasons for the revamp in my Editor’s Note (though Nanyou has only been published for six issues, but its biannual status means it’s actually been around for a good three years), so I shan’t elaborate on that here. If you really want to know why, get a copy of Nanyou and find out for yourself.

Celebrities have always played an important part in Nanyou’s DNA, so don’t expect to see just an unknown model on our cover any time soon. And not just any celeb makes the cut – it has to be a major star who is popular, stylish and boasts regional appeal.

This issue, we’re very excited to have the swoon-worthy Wu Chun gracing our cover. I’m sure he’s a familiar name to most, but here’s a short recap to jog your memory: Born in Brunei, he ventured to Taiwan to forge a path in showbiz. There, he first came to our attention as part of popular boy band Fahrenheit. He later carved out a successful solo career, headlining numerous blockbusters and earning accolades for his leading man roles. Despite his idol status, he doesn’t shy away from sharing details about his personal life, even confessing that he is now a married father of two. This revelation hasn’t put the slightest dent in his popularity. Instead, it has won him widespread praise.

On the day of our shoot, Wu Chun arrived at the studio with his manager, personal assistant and stylists. In our experience, having such a big entourage around can be tricky, but thankfully, things went swimmingly that day. Wu Chun’s manager and crew were extremely amiable, and placed their utmost trust in our team to get the best images.

Every bit the consummate professional in front of the camera, Wu Chun acceded to our every (reasonable) request. Despite some technical challenges, he was more than helpful when it came to creating our special cover (if you haven’t seen it yet, log on to Nuyou’s Instagram or Facebook account at NuyouSingapore now).

I’ll let you in on a little secret: We actually toyed with the idea of having Wu Chun pose topless for this cover (the man is a certified personal trainer and the founder of a chain of gyms in Asia)­­. But after much deliberation (we are a fashion title after all), we decided that it was still best for him to keep his Gucci clothes on.

The issue is now out on the shelves, along with the special cover that has created quite a buzz. We hear that even those who don’t usually have the habit of buying magazines are grabbing every last copy, all because of this highly collectible cover – isn’t that something you wouldn’t want to miss out on?










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