Torque engages readers, generates ad revenue with annual automotive event.

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December 9, 2016
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This article was first published on INMA on Dec 5, 2016. 


Torque, Singapore’s leading automotive monthly, published by SPH Magazines, held its seventh island-wide tele-match, Torque On The Move, on August 27, 2016.

A total of 100 participants in 50 cars were flagged off, with two team members to a car. Participants had to decipher location clues to arrive at four compulsory checkpoints, known as “Torque Junctions,” located strategically at our partners’ venues.



One hundred people in 50 cars compete in the Torque On the Move tele-match.


There, they had their teamwork, creativity, and motoring knowledge put to the test. They had to complete challenges that lightly weaved in our partners’ products in a fun manner — for example, a jigsaw puzzle game of different tire models from Bridgestone.


There were also pre-event tasks, as well as bonus challenges on event day, which added to the points earned at the Torque Junctions.


The top teams with the highest points drove away with exciting prizes from our partners, with the top prize of more than S$5,000, including tire sets, service packages, week-long drives, and Formula 1 passes.


Each year, we work closely with various partners for Torque On The Move. Key sponsors are invited to participate with an investment, and in return, we customise Torque Junctions and other challenges to be geared towards the sponsors’ products and objectives.



Advertiser-sponsored challenges engaged readers while reinforcing the brands.


Brand awareness is built, especially via our extensive publicity campaign, and there are invaluable opportunities for engagement with a targeted audience.


At the same time, we work with media partners to further extend our publicity and reach, as well as prize sponsors and venue partners.


Partners were creatively worked into the various challenges. For instance, a car partner’s challenge involved a test drive for participants. For our radio station partner, participants had to tune into a specific programme to listen for a secret message, while the station cross-promoted us on air at the same time.


Social media was also constantly employed during the event, from event-specific contests on Facebook to drive the registration, to the dissemination of challenges, and posting of creative entries for certain challenges.



A series of fun challenges helped readers feel a part of the event and this unique community of automotive enthusiasts.


Torque On The Move is also created with reader engagement in mind, beyond the pages of the magazine. It gives us an opportunity to interact with, entertain, and thank our readers, as we further reinforce Torque as the authority on all things automotive in Singapore.


The event brings adventure-seeking car enthusiasts together, and tests them on their motoring knowledge, driving skills, and wit, as they tackle automotive quizzes and perform car-related tasks.


After our most recent event, we have been receiving enthusiastic feedback from participants, with 98% declaring that they will participate again in future.


Torque On The Move is in pole position as Singapore’s favourite automotive tele-match, hitting the road together with readers and business partners.

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