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October 26, 2010
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An Oktoberfest-themed staff event | 21st Oct 2010 | Media Centre Auditorium

For those who are strangers to the event that is “Up on the Roof” (UOTR), it is a monthly staff affair initiated by SPH, named for the rooftop at News Centre on which it is hosted every third Thursday of the month. Normally, we, at Media Centre, get email blasts urging us to head down to News Centre, but this month, for only the second time, it was hosted by our Production team at Media Centre – and showed how the magazine people party.

This was only my second time at UOTR, and my first at Media Centre. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but when I went through those doors at the auditorium after work, it was clear that Production had pulled out all the stops to get a party started. Long, blue checkered tables and benches lay in rows, and there were men in lederhosen practising their music. Dinner hadn’t been served yet, but there were kegs of beer and racks of beautifully brown pretzels.

Armed with a pint of beer and a pretzel, which I optimistically promised to share with my friend, we sat down at a bench to marvel at the transformation of the usually stark auditorium into this simulated beer tent – complete with an Austrian folk music band. This was, of course, where the lederhosen-clad men (and similarly costume-clad ladies) came into the picture, providing the very festive accompaniment and noisy yum-sengs for the crowd.

We then tucked into our buffet-style dinner, with dark bread, yummylicious sausages, sauerkraut and salads, washed down with beer. As we ate, people continued to stream in and there was a lively buzz in the air. Pauses in the music were filled by increasingly louder cheers and extended yum-sengs. Beer clearly was fulfilling its role as social lubricant, and the crowd was loosening up and growing happier by the pint.


I must shamefully admit that I headed home fairly early – looking at the ruddy, grinning faces of the clickTRUE team (who supplied these photos), however, makes me wish I had lingered a little longer. The bosses were being non-bosslike, there was beer, food and music –  this is the kind of staff welfare I’m talking about!



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