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May 16, 2014
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In light of SilverKris’ recent win at the MPAS Awards 2014 for Travel Media of the Year, we asked the team’s newest member – Cara Yap, for her take on working on the award-winning inflight travel magazine.


Cara (extreme right, second from bottom) with her beloved Custom Pub.- Silver Kris team

By Cara Yap, SilverKris

I joined the editorial team at SPH Magazine’s Custom Publishing department last April. Handling several titles each, the editors in this department more or less work independently. While we weren’t exactly isolated or silent, panic attacks that occurred during the closing of our magazines were mostly suffered alone.

Right around the corner from where the Custom Publishing team is seated, is the SilverKris team. I recall hearing flurries of excitement and animated banter from across the partitions, and thinking that it must be a wonderful experience working over at “the other side.” Plus, I’ve always enjoyed reading the travel features in SilverKris. Its evocative, well-written stories filled me with wanderlust and the beautiful visuals and layouts made me envious. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my job and was proud of my titles, but SilverKris was always the type of magazine that I aspired to work for.

I was not immediately thrilled as much as in disbelief when I was asked to join the SilverKris team as a Travel and Lifestyle Editor in January. Like most of us who love the idea of travel, this was my dream job, staring right at me.

Just as my glee was kicking in, I was sucked into a whirlwind of changes. For one, I was now working on a monthly magazine, so the experience was doubly intense. But it’s all been worthwhile. I’ve had the pleasure of reading and editing some really colourful and insightful travel pieces on places –from hectic, heady Durban in Africa, to quiet, idyllic Margaret River in Australia. I’ve learnt how different countries around the world prepare potato dishes and live sustainably. I’ve been inspired by travel trends, like human libraries where people share their amazing life stories. I want to travel more, to have more fantastic tales of my own to tell. The more unbelievable, the better.

Without a doubt, working at SilverKris is more taxing. Our edits and checks are rigorous, but this is only training me to become sharper both as an editor and as a writer. There are still the panic attacks that accompany deadlines, but that just adds to the thrill of the job.

Although I’m still relatively new to the team, I feel really proud of the fact that we recently won the Travel Media of The Year Award at the Media Publishers Association Singapore (MPAS) Awards 2014. I love our final product and the notion that it may have helped travellers weather long flights. Makes me feel alright about trudging out of work late at night.

There’s an infectious energy working with a spirited team. But if I do feel sluggish, I just have to read one of our travel stories for that twitch in my calves and that delicious urge in my gut to plan my next adventure.




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