SPH Oktoberfest 2014: All things German!

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November 4, 2014
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Last Thursday evening ended a little differently for our SPH colleagues. As the clock struck 6pm, instead of heading home, everyone headed excitedly to the Media Centre Auditorium for the annual SPH Oktoberfest celebrations, organised by the Production division. Entering the auditorium, we were greeted with long tables stocked with pretzels and other German snacks. On one side, a queue was starting to form for the beer tap. As expected, this queue only got longer as the night progressed.


On the stage were some very cutely-attired gentlemen playing the trumpet. They played and sang a repertoire of must-haves folk songs at Oktoberfests. Still, when it came to toasting the beer, they glibly switched to local mode, cheering “Yam Seng!” to thunderous clinking of glasses.


The food did not disappoint either. Queues were seen snaking outside the auditorium as people grabbed German sausages and crispy pork knuckles, amongst others. Our Muslim colleagues were treated to a Halal spread, ranging from sushi to pasta. As everyone chomped on their food happily, they struck poses for group pictures, taking the chance to socialise with fellow colleagues.


That night, everyone went home later than usual, but with a full stomach and wide smiles.


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