Honouring the Best of the Best in Singapore’s Dining Scene

Extract of Sylvester Ng’s speech delivered on April 7th, 2014 during the G Awards ceremony at Pan Pacific Orchard. Sylvester is the Editor of The Peak Selections: Gourmet and Travel.

I have a secret to share. unnamed

Like many people, we don’t usually get into professions which we studied. I was an Economics major in university. The irony was that on the day I sat for my final Economics paper, I made up my mind to go into magazine publishing.

When I told my parents that I had joined a luxury lifestyle magazine, they did not understand why I had decided to give up Karl Marx for Karl Lagerfeld or Adam Smith for Paul Smith.

But I knew where my passion was, and still is – so here I am standing today before you. After 10 years with the company, I’m still excited about spotting new trends or uncovering an exclusive story.

I believe many chefs here today are driven by the same passion. That is also why it has been a long-standing objective of The Peak Gourmet and Travel to honour these talented, dedicated and passionate professionals that make up Singapore’s culinary landscape.

Singapore’s dining scene has not witnessed a more exciting time than it has in the past few years. With new players and ever-changing dining concepts to cater to more discerning palates, this movement has also resulted in a delicious diversity.

It’s a wonderful time for diners, and this makes it even more critical to be able to turn to a trusted list of definitive choices. As such, we absolutely recommend that you take a look at our list of award-winning restaurants.

In this fifth edition, we have given out a total of 39 awards. To all the winners, congratulations and well done.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank: all our partners for the continuous support, and food panellists who took time out from their busy schedules to be part of our tasting panel.

To everyone here, do keep the passion burning.

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