Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014: Not for faint of heart

Singapore’s toughest race just got tougher!

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon looks set to distinguish itself from the increasing number of races in Singapore, by ramping up the difficulty levels of its nine obstacles, when it returns for the fifth year on March 2, 2014 – Sunday.

With five brand new obstacles Leap of Faith, Peaks and Troughs, Balance Sheet, Curve Analysis and Wire House, all Urbanathletes will need to dig deep into their physical and mental reserves to conquer this contest.

On top of these, there’s no finishing the race without getting past a new Mystery Obstacle. Participants will only find out what await them on the race day itself.

Each Urbanathlete will receive a race pack worth over S$400, including Adidas Race T-Shirt and Complimentary Digital Subscription to Men’s Health (6-months).

A true test of physical fitness

Several local celebrities and elite athletes (Anne Qi Hui; Parathlete Mohd Shariff Abdullah; Team Singapura Everest) will also be taking part in the Urbanathlon,

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon has grown from strength to strength in the past five years.” says Ms. Pang Lee Cheng, SPH Magazine’s General Manager (MSI), adding: “2014 edition promises to be our toughest-ever, and should provide a thrilling challenge for Singapore runners, also allowing an exciting platform for various sponsor brands to engage Men’s Health readers and Urbanathlon participants.”


Runners who sign up before Dec 15, 2013 will enjoy a discounted Early-Bird participation rate at S$108 (UP: S$128). The Singapore Men’s Health Urbanathlon is jointly organised by SPH Magazines, HiVelocity and presented by Scoot. Adidas is the Official Apparel of the race, and the main sponsors are namely: American Express, Jockey, Lab Series, MaxiNutrition, Nautica, Polar and True Fitness.

Quotes on Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014 

Muhamad Hiwan Bin Mohamed Idus, Member of Team Singapura Everest

“To accomplish our goal of scaling Everest, we have always trained in mind of being able to walk on both ice and snow. This means our lungs, core and legs must be strong – essentially, we really need to be in peak physical condition. However, we will certainly be looking at the obstacles to train appropriately. We are confident that our training for Everest will put us in good stead in Men’s Health Urbanathlon.”

Mohd Shariff Abdullah, Singapore’s very own “Blade Runner” 

“This would mark my third Urbanathlon and to be honest, I’ve been training hard for it. One key aspect that I always felt was really difficult was my lack of muscle power when it came to upper body obstacles, and I have been working really hard.

When asked on his thoughts on the mystery obstacle, he said: “Fingers crossed. I am hoping it’s something similar to the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) we had to do in National Service – perhaps it will require us to crawl on the ground under barbed wire? Frankly, my friends who know I am taking part have asked me to check out the obstacles in advance. But I am going to take whatever the course throws at me and do my best!”

Anne Qi-Hui, Female Front-Runners from Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2013

When asked what she hoped the Mystery Obstacle would be, she replied: “Anything but the parallel bars. I found last year’s Urbanthlon really quite fun and it proud moments were when I saw fellow women competing side by side with the men and overtaking them in several instances! I do admit we womenfolks are more challenged at the upper body obstacles. So as long as it’s not parallel bars, I will be pleased!”

Xavier Ng, Quarter-Master of Personal Trainers at True Fitness

“I’d absolutely recommend the Urbanathlon to my clients who have been working out for a while, and we are looking to get to the next level, as most of the obstacles are designed for participants to challenge their endurance, coordination, speed, agility and balance.”

Message to Marketers

Men’s Health Singapore continues its reign as Singapore’s No. 1 Men’s Magazine and is attracting more readers. The magazine’s reach surged to 101,000 – increasing its reach of population in 2013 and making it the magazine of choice for men. According to the IPSOS Magazine Study 2012, 79% of Men’s Health Singapore readers either loved or liked the magazine and 61% found it to be amongst their “must read” magazines.

Men’s Health Singapore is an effective vehicle to reach out to a class of informed and affluent men who lead active lifestyles.

If you are keen to explore advertising or leverage on Men’s Health Singapore upcoming signature event – Urbanathlon 2014, drop us a note here

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