Celebrating the best of the best dining in Singapore at the 7th G Restaurant Awards

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One of the very best things of working in Gourmet and Travel is the people I get to work with. They are a bunch of colleagues – who are crazily passionate about food and are always game to push the boundaries – not only in reporting on dining trends – but also living it up like a true foodie.

Here are just a few examples.

We had a writer bar hop almost every waterhole in town to select the best cocktails – the result was a taste-tested and curated list of over 100 of the best cocktails – and a very intoxicated – but very happy – writer.

Another time, we challenged a social media influencer and food lover to cook up fine dining meals for three whole days – without stepping out of his house – and only using home-delivered gourmet ingredients.

We also challenged our colleague – senior writer Meryl Koh – to survive on desk-bound lunches from 9 food delivery services over 2 weeks.

The Gourmet & Travel team is always game to experiment with new ideas and concepts.

In fact for the reviews and coverage on winning restaurants for this year’s G Restaurant Awards, we challenged our creative team and photographers to shoot all images using an Apple iPhone 6s plus – and with minimum touch up or enhancement. Our aim was to be as authentic as possible with the photos – pretty much what you will see when you dine at these restaurants.


This is the seventh year of the G Restaurant Awards, and tonight, we will be giving out a total of 53 awards to 43 restaurants .

I am also very happy to announce that we have 21 excellent restaurants appearing on the winning list for the first time. It is this constant change that keeps our Singapore’s dining landscape competitive and exciting.

ANG_5929Tay Su-Lyn and Violet Oon from Nation Kitchen by Violet Oon (winner of Best New Restaurant (Non-western)

Every year, restaurants in various categories are nominated and shortlisted by veteran food critics from The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao, as well as the Gourmet & Travel team. Final selection is done after incognito tastings conducted by a panel of ambassadors, head honchos and food writers.

Royston Soo from Les Amis (winner of Best Dinner Experience (Western)

ANG_5937Kenjiro Hashida Hatch from Hashida Sushi (winner of Best Dinner Experience (Non-Western)

Jason Tan and Renny form Corner House (winner of Restaurant of the Year 2016)

It is fitting now – for me to congratulate all winners of the G Restaurant Awards 2016.  We hope the awards go a long way towards recognising your restaurant’s sterling effort – from every member of the culinary team in the kitchen – to all front line staff.

Special thanks go out to all our judges who took time out from their busy schedules to be part of our tasting panel.

Thank you

This is the speech delivered on 14 June 2016 at The Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom. 

Dr Ng King Kang, Violet Oon, Sylvester Ng, Tay Su-Lyn.

ANG_5883Julien Royer, Sylvester Ng and Steven Mason.

Sylvester Ng and Han Li Guan. 











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