G Restaurant Awards 2017

Extract of Amy Van FY’s speech delivered on June 20 th, 2017 at Sheraton Towers. 

Good evening His Excellency Zenon Kosiniak Kamysz, Ambassador of Poland, His Excellency Dmytro Senik, Ambassador of Ukraine, chefs, restaurant panelists, and distinguished guests.


Thank you all for taking the time to join us this evening, for the unveiling of the stellar restaurants that have made it onto the winning list of The Peak’s 2017 G Restaurant Awards.


We are very proud to highlight that this is the 8th year running for the awards. Every year, we continue to be very excited and inspired by talented chefs, by the sheer diversity of cuisine options and by the dynamic vibrancy of Singapore’s dining scene.


Our panelists, who include ambassadors, business leaders, wine experts and established food writers, did incognito tastings at the short-listed restaurants, which included recommendations from The Straits Times’ Wong Ah Yoke and The Business Times’ Jaime Ee.


Having covered Singapore’s food scene for the past 17 years, I have seen our culinary landscape evolve and mature considerably. Today, it is as well positioned as any major city in the world – to be a formidable global food capital, whether you wish to celebrate food heritage, witness cutting-edge gastronomy, or ride the latest culinary waves.


And on this note, we must thank chefs, F&B professionals, restaurateurs and everyone involved behind the scenes – for their passion, their creativity, and their commitment to continually amaze us with memorable dining experiences.


To all of them – and to all of you who are here tonight: Please keep running the good food race – please continue to excite our taste buds  – and continue to enrich our lives with more and better dining choices.


Finally, our very heartiest congratulations to ALL the winning restaurants of this year’s awards.


Thank you all once again for joining us tonight. 


I hope you have a wonderful evening! Cheers! 


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