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June 27, 2016
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Before I start, there are two key industry trends I’d like you to take note of for a bit of context:

1. Wider consumer acceptance towards digital magazines – driven by greater exposure and popularity of digital newsstands like Magzter and a ramp-up in clever (and aggressive) marketing by publishers of their digital editions

2. The prevalence of free WIFI as a service – us consumers have been conditioned to expect free WIFI pretty much EVERYWHERE (cafes, malls, hotels, bars, salons, spas, hospitals, transport hubs…etc.)

Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to take advantage of both of these trends? Digital magazines and an increasingly engaged audience logging into WIFI networks across the region and globally….


Hmmm, What is it?

The WIFI Library gives our partners the ability to serve complimentary digital magazines to their customers only when they are logged in to their WIFI. For example, whilst they’re having a coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or whilst relaxing in their room at Ascot Hotel.

OK, that sounds cool but what value does it really bring partners?

If you’re a partner, it’s all about enhancing your customer’s experience. With over 7000 top global titles from 2.5k publishers, The WIFI Library is an awesome new service served to your customers directly on their own device. And because it will only work when people are logged in to your WIFI it is something you can offer that your competitors can’t – something to shout about!


You can also build a more holistic profile of your customers. Through our reporting system partners can see who is downloading which magazines and when. If you know this information you can start to be even clearer in your marketing communications and discover new target segments you didn’t even know existed!

An additional service we can offer is co-branded value cards to be sold to customers as part of an upsell or bought in bulk and given as a gift to your most loyal followers. This is a really neat way to complete the reader’s experience – try out and like the complimentary service in your outlet, then buy a card from you to subscribe to their favourite magazines when they’re at home.


So who is using the service now and how do they utilise it?

The key to the success of this service is our collaboration to shout about it to your customers. It will be dependent on the vertical our partners are in and also how their customers prefer to be engaged. Below are some examples of how our current partners have marketed the service:

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – The WIFI Library and Marketing Example


Ascot Hotel – The WIFI Library & Value Card Example:



Some of our other fabulous partners:


Starbucks Malaysia; Coffee Toffee Indonesia



Singapore: The Club Hotel; New Majestic Hotel; Hotel 1929; Wanderlust Hotel

Regional: Ascot Hotels – Bejing,Jakarta & Malaysia; Citadines Malaysia; Tauzia Hotels Indonesia – Harris Hotels, YELLO, POP! Eden, Solo Paragon; Somerset Malaysia


Hospitals – Bethsaida, Indonesia

Malls –  Seletar; Clementi; Paragon

Hair Salons – Salon Vim; Kimage


Like what you see and hear?

We’d love to hear from you as we’re on the look-out for trail blazers who can see the value in this service. I’m new to SPH Magazines and I took the role because of this new initiative – I really believe it’s going to be a game changer and I’m excited to be a part of the journey! If you’d like to find out more about this initiative, feel free to reach out to me at




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