A publisher’s take on the digital “exodus”

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April 5, 2017
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Is having more always better? Not necessarily, if you are planning a digital advertising campaign. In order to reach a wider audience, advertisers ceded control of their brand over to major digital advertising players such as Google and Facebook.

The unchecked hunger for eyeballs in the digital space has jeopardized advertisers’ reputation as brand messages were found appearing alongside offensive content. This revelation has propelled the issue of brand safety into the limelight in recent weeks. 

Amidst brand safety concerns, we see advertisers going the extra mile to create their own whitelist of approved sites where their advertisements are allowed to appear on. Others simply pull out of major digital advertising players like Facebook and Google.

This fallout has prompted many traditional media publishers to jump into the fray, proactively wooing advertisers back onto their platforms. Many have been quick to highlight their editorial expertise, and quality content. After all, their advantage lies in creating and curating an immersive environment for consumers and advertisers alike. Advertisers can trust their content, and brand safety is no issue.

With innovative developments such as audience networks, publishers are also capable of providing scale of reach. Most importantly, they allow advertisers to maintain control of their brands. This begs the question: will advertisers take back control of their brand, and go “back to basics”, allocating more budget to traditional media, which have been shown to induce positive brand associations?

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