How can brands develop their complimentary WiFi Service to engage consumers?

These days, WiFi is the first thing that I look out for. When I walk into a shopping mall, café, or a hotel lobby, I constantly look out for a sign… that tells me how I can tap on their WiFi network. All of this is to feed my perpetual need to be connected to the internet, even during my downtime.

Many establishments are happy to oblige, offering complimentary WiFi services in their bid to improve customer experience. Brands that provide free WiFi should be glad that consumers are utilising this service for a number of reasons – it keeps consumers happy, and it keeps them where you want them to be – at your store, and this translates into a higher propensity to purchase.

But why stop there, when you have yet to realise the potential of free WiFi? There is more that you can do to value-add to your consumers. For example, partnerships with digital magazine newsstands allow you to provide your consumers engaging content for free, whenever they are hooked up to your WiFi! However, this is not to say that providing this service is a value-add only for consumers. Your brand too, can get a lot out of it.


You gain precious information when consumers utilise your WiFi network. For instance, by taking a look at your consumers’ reading patterns, you will be able to tell what sort of interests they have. This insight is more accurate in painting a picture of their psyche than demographic information, which will help greatly in tailoring your next marketing campaign to engage them.

Besides that, while consumers are connected to your WiFi and reading, you will be able to, in real-time no less, present engaging content introducing your latest brand messages. Coupled with the consumer insights that you’ve discovered through their reading patterns, you will be able to more accurately target each consumer, by serving them promotional messages based on their interest, improving conversion for your brand. 

OCBC is one such brand that has recently inked a partnership with SPH Magazines, tapping into our WiFi Library of over 100 titles. Of this, Mr Ching Wei Hong, Chief Operating Officer, OCBC Bank, said: “We are excited about this partnership with SPH Magazines. This is the first of its kind, made possible by today’s digital capabilities, in terms of the scale and generous access involved. Some 300,000 interactions take place at our branches monthly and now, customers will be able to enjoy the free digital access to these magazines during their visits. This is another move in OCBC Bank’s string of recent digital offerings, to provide a better digital advantage experience to our customers.”

Now that customer experience has come into the spotlight for many brands, brand owners are getting the hint, and are working towards providing a fulfilling brand experience for consumers. Providing complimentary services need not come at a cost to brands. Just by leveraging on complimentary WiFi services, brands can bank on their consumers’ usage of these services to bring them one step further along their purchase journey.

Excited to see how your brand can expand on your complimentary WiFi? Check out SPH Magazines’ WiFi Library here.

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