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Though initially uncomfortable, alliances between publishers have become common around the world today. They range from localized co-ops such as DELTA in Japan and Gravity in France, to regional and global partnerships such as Symmachia and Pangaea respectively.

These alliances help to aggregate publishers’ scale of reach and targeting capabilities, thus allowing advertisers to benefit from wide and easy reach of premium and targeted audiences in brand-safe environments.

However, participating in such alliances requires ready availability of digital assets and inventory. What then becomes of publishers who are just starting to dip their toes in the digital space? When time is of essence and investments have to yield quick returns, how can they participate in the digital space without having to start from ground zero?

The answer could possibly lie with their print supplier. And this is what SPH Magazines is offering in the Digital Network for Publishers it has set up with its long-time printing partner, Times Publishing.

The digital network allows Times’ publisher clients to leverage SPH Magazines’ ready infrastructure to digitize their print publications, gain presence on digital newsstands, as well as market and sell ad inventories through SPH magazines’ extensive network of local and regional titles.


Joseph Lee, MD of Digital Development and our resident digital guru, shed more light on how it works.

Question: What prompted the move?

Joseph: Many publishers we spoke to wish to participate in the digital space but are not sure how and where to start. Through such partnership, we aim to assist publishers to pivot their businesses with greater ease by taking care of 3 fundamental components, namely the process of digitization, the challenge to extend circulation reach, and the ability to monetize this digital outreach thereby creating new revenue opportunities.

We aim to build and foster an ecosystem that will benefit all parties in the value chain including but not limited to printers, publishers, advertisers and most definitely consumers.


Question: What are some objectives of the partnership between SPH Magazines and Times Publishing?

Joseph: The key objective is to allow our partner to pivot their business from one that offers just print solution to one that encompasses both print and digital. By so doing, our partner will have the opportunity to future-proof their business, including venturing into regional markets.


Question: How will such a network benefit advertisers on top of the increase in inventory? For example, will they be able to get better-packaged ad deals?

Joseph: Yes on all accounts – better coverage, enhanced exposure, and more efficient ad spend. Ads that are created for the digital editions can be scaled to be redeployed in other digital channels such as websites, thereby allowing advertisers to more effectively manage their cost per exposure – in line with our Single Production Multiple Deployment proposition.


Question: How will Times Publishing be leveraging on SPH’s regional network and vast distribution channels?

Joseph: SPH Magazines’ portfolio currently spans key Asia Pacific markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong. By leveraging off SPH Magazines existing portfolio and market presence, Times Publishing now has the ability to assist its clients to sell into regional markets in a timelier manner without additional investments.


More in-depth coverage of the partnership can be found here.

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