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Alicia Tan
By : Alicia Tan
September 29, 2015
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clBefore I started at CLEO, I never truly identified as a feminist. Why’s that? Because I somehow imagined it was for man-hating, bra-burning activists. It didn’t seem relevant anymore. And coming from a family of strong women, it came naturally to me to feel empowered, so little did I know that others needed to be exposed to the ideals of feminism.

For my generation feminism really took hold when young celebrities such as our October 2015 covergirl Emma Watson started taking a stand, and provoking global debate. Now I am happy and proud to call myself a feminist. But rather than fighting only for women’s rights, I see it more as a movement that fights for equality for us all, women and men. Because there shouldn’t be a “better” sex, neither is it a competition where one gender wins and the other loses. That kinda defeats the purpose of making the world a better place for us all to live is, doesn’t it? In my opinion, it’s only when we embrace the idea of equality that the real purpose of feminism comes to fruition.

We’ve done articles in CLEO discussing this topic and the response from readers has been fascinating, with all sides opening discussing their views. There truly is no better time than now to start this conversation again – and even to spark debate. Because this year CLEO turns 21 – and the times they are a-changing, faster than ever before. So I hope CLEO will continue to inspire women aged 20 – 29 to have their say about important topics like this.

We’re all about being brave and dreaming big at CLEO. So don’t let your gender stop you from reaching from the stars. Because you too can make a difference.

About Alicia Tan :

A lover of all things beautiful, from visual cues to written words, Alicia has been working in the publishing industry for 11 years, across multiple titles in Singapore, covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music and culture.

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