A Cosmopolitan Journey

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August 16, 2012
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September 2011 saw the first ever locally published edition of Cosmopolitan, a widely acclaimed women's magazine with as many as 78 million readers from more than 100 countries across the globe. Originally barred from the Singaporean magazine market in 1982, the turn of the new millennium saw numerous revisions to industry guidelines, giving greater liberty to media in general, and ultimately allowing for Cosmo's return to the marketplace.

Fast forward to the present, Cosmopolitan is less than a month away from celebrating its first birthday. This post aims to explore its foray into Singaporean society thus far, examining its progress in becoming a leading women's magazine.


The Anatomy of a Cosmo Reader

Envisioning the creation of a magazine that would be the ideal friend and partner for the young, opinionated and independent woman, Cosmo's editorial team has crafted a complete lifestyle experience, engaging readers in the areas of fashion, beauty, body, relationships and life.

As Cosmo's first anniversary draws ever closer, information and data have finally become available, providing an insight to whether the Cosmo team's visions have indeed come to fruition.


Conducted in February 2012, the Cosmopolitan Readership Survey revealed that more than 60% of subscribers were between 25 and 34 years of age. Readers also took home average salaries of $2,500 – $5,000 per month, with the majority spending an average of $300 – $500 on each fashion item.

In light of these encouraging statistics, it can be concluded that the Cosmo team has done brilliantly in attracting the very sort of readers they envisioned; young, financially independent women, with relatively high levels of disposable income.


Milestones in Engagement
In addition to demographic statistics, the Cosmopolitan Readership Survey also shed light on the characteristics responsible for drawing readers to the magazine. A clear indication that Cosmo's content resonates well with its readers, the majority of respondents indicated that strong cover-lines and the fashion & beauty articles within were the main draw factor when purchasing a copy.

Formed to provide its members with exclusive invitations to beauty events, the Cosmo Beauty Club is an avenue for readers to sample and indulge in the latest beauty products. In addition, readers are given the opportunity to interact and mingle with the very people, responsible for bringing the products they use and adore, to the market. The ongoing Cosmo Beauty Club survey has revealed that a majority of members are between 25-34 years of age and spend upwards of $150 per month on beauty products.


In addition to producing relevant, insightful and engaging content, the Cosmo team believes strongly in engaging readers on a more personal level. Apart from giving readers an intimate look into the lives of the team behind the magazine, the Cosmo blog provides its audience with daily updates, encompassing a wide array of topics, ranging from beauty tips, to restaurant reviews and relationship advice. A group of select readers are chosen to be 'Cosmo Opinionators', a privileged group given the opportunity to try and subsequently review new products even before their official launch, providing both readers and advertisers with invaluable opinions and feedback with regard to new products.


Looking Forward
As society continues its never ending path of evolution and refinement, it is clear that readers have become more sophisticated and discerning than ever before. With strong foundations, both in printed and digital content, Cosmopolitan is poised to continue engaging its readers on a deep and interpersonal level, delivering insightful and up-to-date information that is highly relevant to the modern day woman.


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