Experience Marketing: Ad Industry’s Answer to Fraud?

Hafizah Hazahal
By : Hafizah Hazahal
October 25, 2018
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In a marketing climate plagued with fake news, bots and bought followers, brand authenticity is more critical than ever. Cohn & Wolfe’s annual survey of over 15,000 consumers across 15 countries found that brands with greater authenticity are better able to attract and retain customers. This correlation is strongest in Asia.


Nothing fosters authentic relations more than (brand) experience marketing. And marketers have caught on.  According to a global study of over 1000 marketers across Asia, North America and Western Europe, a growing number of marketers will allocate up to half of their budgets to brand experience in the next three to five years. In Asia, 32% of marketers anticipate spending more than one-fifth of their total budgets.


But what is “brand experience”? Freeman, a brand experience solution provider, defines it as “the art of bringing brands and organizations to life by designing a sensory experience that creates a lasting and meaningful relationship between the brand and an individual.”


A powerful brand experience engages the human senses (the more the better!), thus deepening and personalizing the interaction. Consistently delivering positive brand experiences at every touch point enables brands to cut through the clutter and nurture a loyal following.


SPH Magazines has always been a front runner in unique and authentic face-to-face marketing via our vast repertoire of signature and bespoke events. Events humanize our content, while we learn more about what excites our readers in our interactions with them. These are also great opportunities for brands who wish to ride on well-trusted media brands to power their marketing campaigns.


Furthermore, being a multi-platform publisher means each event could potentially be part of a broader 360 customised marketing strategy developed for our partner brands – cutting across print, web and social media channels.


Here are some of the highlights from our action-packed 2018 Event Showcase.


Interested to be a part of any of our events? Simply write in to us at magadpromo@sph.com.sg to kickstart a discussion!

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