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Exclusive Windows Phone 7 Preview for HardwareZone Members

By : HardwareZone.com | November 29, 2010

Forty of the hundreds of HardwareZone members who signed up for the Special Windows Phone 7 Briefing were chosen to attend this exclusive preview and demonstration at Microsoft Singapore's office.

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HWZ Forum drives high awareness of Standard Chartered mobile and internet banking platform Breeze

By : HardwareZone.com | November 4, 2010

To promote the mobile and internet banking platform Breeze, Standard Chartered leverages on social media for its marketing. Being a leading portal for Information and Communications technologies reaching out to tech savvy consumers, HardwareZone.com is the preferred media.

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Seventeen has Fun in the Sun with Clean & Clear

By : SPH Magazines 360 | October 25, 2010

Seventeen Singapore and Clean & Clear gets together annually to host an event for our readers. Read about what it involved this year and how it turned out! (Hint: the event title was “Fun in the Sun”!)

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Triumph maximises its ad campaign impact with Female

By : Female | October 8, 2010

The thing about a good creative is that it stands out and makes people pay attention, and that is key when a brand is looking to raise awareness of a new product. But what will stand out to a fashion-savvy crowd like our Female readers?

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herworld.com Brings Foot Traffic into Sephora

By : herworld.com | September 27, 2010

When Sephora was looking to increase its online presence, they turned to herworld.com, our online fashion and beauty portal. What did our marketing team suggest? Read on to find out more!

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SimplyHer achieves 270% increase in subscriptions with optimised landing page

By : SPH Magazines 360 | September 27, 2010

SimplyHer had a subscription drive campaign for 2 months with several traffic channels but conversions were slow so they enlisted clickTRUE to help improve their conversion rates.

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SPH Magazines 360
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A Scent for Champions in Men’s Health September 2010 Workout Booklet

By : SPH Magazines 360 | September 17, 2010

We love Davidoff’s latest men fragrance, Davidoff Champion, created for men who are champions at the top of their game. The sleek masculine packaging resembling the shape of a dumbbell indisputably conveys the masculine strength of modern and active men. With its close association with fitness and endurance, we sought out Davidoff to be our potential […]

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Rich Media Ads Drive High Interaction and Traffic to Panasonic VIERA Regional Microsite

By : HardwareZone.com | September 14, 2010

To boost awareness of the VIERA brand in Asia, Panasonic embarked on a massive 4-month online campaign. With strong presences in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, HardwareZone.com was the natural medium of choice. Objectives Create a microsite to engage and educate consumers on the VIERA brand Pique audience interest and drive traffic to VIERA microsite […]

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Capital Distributors in Home & Decor

By : Home & Decor | September 14, 2010

When Capital Distributors wanted to spread the knowledge about KDK fans, they spoke to our Home & Decor team – their campaign appears in the Sept 2010 issue!

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ICON Weddings – Cover Sponsorship

By : ICON | September 7, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the iconic Tiffany blue box –
Tiffany & Co is a reputable jeweller whose synonymity with luxury has led to a complementary relationship with our luxury title, ICON Singapore. ICON Weddings’ inaugural issue launched in June 2010 with a stylish bride wearing exquisite diamond pieces on its cover – find out more about our collaboration with Tiffany & Co’s!

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