Golf/Women is the only golf magazine in Singapore, tailored specifically to the lady golfer. A quarterly publication, Golf/Women is currently circulated with Golf Vacations and its base of the wealthiest families in Singapore. Espousing topics from on-course fashion and grooming to travel and gear. Readers of Golf/Women are powerful women in their own right, from business owners, C-Suite, powerful executives and socialites. Individuals with a high propensity to spend, well-travelled and embrace the finest pleasures in life. Similar to Golf Vacations, readers of Golf/Women own at least one golf club membership, either own or spousal, in Singapore. Every issue of Golf/Women is exclusively delivered to the doorstep of over 9,000 golf club members in Singapore. Along with paid subscriptions, newsstands, hotels, banks, airport lounges and golf retail spaces, Golf/Women has a total circulation over of 18,500.

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