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Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore is the modern and sophisticated guide to the best in international fashion, beauty, jewels, travel and the arts. Covering all areas of a fashionable life, BAZAAR has been exciting readers for the past 19 years with fantastic shopping ideas, awe-inspiring pictorials and solutions for time-strapped, cash-rich individuals. In these challenging times,BAZAAR turns the lens and pen to our audience, highlighting issues in the community via intelligent reads and poignant photography. Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore is the leading fashion authority for the discerning reader. For a preview of our content visit us at Harper's Bazaar.  

Print Readership  19,000
Digital Readership  22,000
360 degree reach (Print, Digital , UV)  408,036
Facebook 25,228
Instagram 80, 500
Monthly Pageviews of 1,795,811
*Figures updated as of January’2021

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