Marie Claire

Marie Claire Malaysia’s strength lies in the special balance it creates between fashion, beauty and features. Its solution-driven editorial style offers women an innovative point of view on trend-related global issues and local concerns while helping them to intelligently assess their approach to looking good and feeling beautiful.

Marie Claire Malaysia is published by Blu Inc Media Sdn. Bhd.,  the market leader in the publication of women’s magazines in the country. Marie Claire Malaysia, the most established international title in the market, balances the sophistication of its international legacy with local sensibilities. It taps into its strong international network of 27 editions in 13 languages around the world, giving it  access to provocative journalism and the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Marie Claire Malaysia offers women gorgeous fashion coverage, beauty tips and articles that make them think, laugh and cry. It informs, inspires, challenges and entertains thinking women everywhere.

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