The Women’s Weekly

The magazine that empowers an affluent generation of women who have high expectations for their lives and offers solutions and ways to make the modern working mother’s life easier and better.

The Singapore Women's Weekly The Singapore Women's Weekly is Singapore´s fastest-growing women´s magazine. Women trust The Weekly as a friend that entertains and informs about the best of everything - fashion, beauty, glamour, health, family, self-help and relationships, interiors, food and entertaining.  And the mix is served with a down-to-earth attitude and a compelling dose of common sense that readers really appreciate.

The Malaysian Women's Weekly Launched in 2000, The Malaysian Women´s Weekly is a broadly targeted, family-oriented glamour title covering fashion, health and beauty, "real-life" stories, cuisine, décor and Hollywood glamour. The Weekly is Malaysia´s fastest-growing women´s lifestyle magazine. It entertains, informs and is contemporary and relevant to today’s modern working woman.

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The Women’s Weekly Magazine

The Singapore Women's Weekly has evolved to uniquely reflect what the multi-faceted Singaporean woman wants and what is happening in her life today.

The Singapore Women's Weekly meets the needs of the time-challenged reader, providing trusted, well-researched articles, which are inspirational and aspirational, yet practical and intelligent, and always entertaining.

The Singapore Women's Weekly delivers exclusive celebrity stories and in-depth sections on everything from parenting, relationships and health to beauty and entertainment. It provides readers with real value and aims to be their essential read each month.

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Digital Tablet

The newly launched digital magazine editions are now available on tablet devices via Apple Newsstand, Google Play and Magzter. Wherever you go and whenever you want, you can now read and back-reference your favourite magazines on your iPads or other reading tablet devices. Download magazine without having to get out of your home. The digital editions are available in both single and annual subscriptions.


The newly-launched website is designed to help the time-challenged, multi-tasking working woman maximise her life with just the click of a button. It is filled with smart tips and strategies to get her whizzing through her extensive to-do list. The trusted resource aims to keep her up to date with the latest in everything from beauty and health, to career, parenting and home ideas. PLUS, there's a vast selection of easy, delicious recipes catered to Asian tastes.

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