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The Singapore Women’s Weekly is the trusted magazine for the latest news and information in areas that matter most to the professional working woman and mother. Every day, delivers entertaining reads featuring celebrities and inspiring women, and the latest updates on beauty, fashion, health, and relationships, to ensure she looks and feels her best. The Weekly is also an unparalleled source of ideas for food and entertaining.  At once inspirational and aspirational, our well-researched features and inspiring stories motivates and guides this affluent decision maker. As a result, she develops a special trusted relationship with The Weekly, as it remains in tune with her needs, desires and dreams.  

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The newly-launched website is designed to help the time-challenged, multi-tasking working woman maximise her life with just the click of a button. It is filled with smart tips and strategies to get her whizzing through her extensive to-do list. The trusted resource aims to keep her up to date with the latest in everything from beauty and health, to career, parenting and home ideas. PLUS, there's a vast selection of easy, delicious recipes catered to Asian tastes.

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