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Why brands should consider video marketing

By : SPHmagazines | December 17, 2018

We’ve all heard how “pictures paint a thousand words”. An image can illustrate complex ideas the same way a large amount of text could. The evolution of technology has changed the way consumers view and digest information. In recent years, we have moved from images to interactive visual content as applications such as Instagram and […]

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[Infographic] 7 Things You Should Know About Magazine Readers In Singapore

By : SPHmagazines | November 29, 2018

Talk about magazine readers and chances are you will picture people poring over magazine pages, snapping pictures of those containing their favourite products, and then heading to the mall to purchase.    You’re in for a surprise.   The latest Nielsen Media Index 2018 data found that magazine readers in Singapore are very much digitally […]

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Experience Marketing: Ad Industry’s Answer to Fraud?

By : SPHmagazines | October 25, 2018

In a marketing climate plagued with fake news, bots and bought followers, brand authenticity is more critical than ever. Cohn & Wolfe’s annual survey of over 15,000 consumers across 15 countries found that brands with greater authenticity are better able to attract and retain customers. This correlation is strongest in Asia.   Nothing fosters authentic […]

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Augmented Reality: From Marketing Gimmick to Strategy

By : SPHmagazines | September 19, 2018

If you follow our Facebook page, you may have seen pictures of our staff posing with a certain character. She is our resident cool girl, Moomoko – the first AR character created by a local magazine! Here we explore opportunities in using Augmented Reality for brand marketing.   We have seen a glimpse of the […]

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Magazines: Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide

By : SPHmagazines | August 23, 2018

(This article first appeared on INMA.org) Upon mentioning “magazines”, one can easily recall the colourful glossy books filling up the once-crowded stands in bookstores before Internet hit us – as they were one of the very few ways to access content back then. Fast-forward to today: Mobile devices that follow wherever we go, together with […]

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Brand-building for the Disloyal Customer

By : SPHmagazines | August 7, 2018

Welcome to the age of disloyal customer.   The advent of the internet and increased connectivity of consumers to goods and services have fragmented the shopping landscape. Consumers now have a reservoir of choices and alternatives to consider before making any purchase, and the freedom to purchase from a competitor should a shopping experience go […]

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Video Habits of Millennials in Singapore [Infographic]

By : SPHmagazines | June 25, 2018

  Download the full results

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SPH Magazines builds a viable digital ecosystem for the entire value chain

By : SPHmagazines | June 19, 2018

Though initially uncomfortable, alliances between publishers have become common around the world today. They range from localized co-ops such as DELTA in Japan and Gravity in France, to regional and global partnerships such as Symmachia and Pangaea respectively. These alliances help to aggregate publishers’ scale of reach and targeting capabilities, thus allowing advertisers to benefit […]

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What’s next for digital advertising?

By : SPHmagazines | June 12, 2018

Digital advertising is in a stage of emergency. Fraught with bot, visibility and measurement issues, brands are losing trust in digital advertising. We are only halfway through in 2018, and already gone through a number of scandals: Logan Paul on Youtube, Cambridge Analytica on Facebook, and more recently, Facebook was found providing user data to […]

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Move over, Millennials… the Perennials are here to stay!

By : SPHmagazines | April 18, 2018

Have you heard of the Perennials? Not another one of those marketing buzzwords, you groan. But what’s making marketers sit up and lean forward is that this is a clear departure from the industry’s obsession with segmenting consumers by generations (Millennials, anyone?). This new term challenges the very idea of defining and understanding consumers by […]

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